BSE Chemical Engineering / MEng AMPED AdvancedMedical Product Engineering and Development

Updated June 2024


What is AMPED? AMPED is a professional Master’s degree (MEng) for engineers who want to make an impact in the medical technology industry. The design and development of medical devices and systems is a complex and highly structured process. Engineers play key roles at all stages of medical product development, including needs finding, concept generation, mechanical design, prototyping, testing, fabrication, and commercialization. The goal of the AMPED program is to provide students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to bring new and improved medical devices to the clinic in the context of the current healthcare environment.

Key features of the program include:

  • A design-build-test practicum, in which student teams form around clinical problems and work together to create new product concepts.
  • Core content in quality systems, risk management, and regulatory structures, which are
    foundational to medical product development.
  • Preparation in advanced concepts of current importance in the medical technology industry,
    including telehealth, cybersecurity, AI/ML in healthcare, value-based care, inclusive design, and sustainable product development.
  • Professional development and leadership training to enhance self-awareness and crossfunctional teamwork.

Application requirements
A Chemical Engineering student must have obtained senior standing (85+ hours) and have a GPA of 3.2 or above. Students may apply for admission their last semester before graduation. To apply, first make an appointment with Ms. Tara McQueen, BME/AMPED Academic Advisor/Counselor, to discuss this program and ensure that it is a good fit with your career goals and plans. A student may also be referred to a faculty graduate advisor for further assistance. Students are admitted on a rolling basis. The application deadlines are:
AMPED SUGS only admits for the Fall term – Completed applications are reviewed monthly beginning in February and continuing each month on the first of that month (February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1).

Students in the SUGS program are not eligible for a Life Sciences concentration in BSE ChE. Students pursuing dual degrees are not eligible to enroll in SUGS programs.



Lisa Clark, 3142 Dow, (734) 763-7125, [email protected]
SUGS Programs for Chemical Engineering Students

Ms. Tara McQueen, 2182 LBME Bldg., (734)763-3878, [email protected]
Biomedical Engineering Academics