image of Scott Fogler

Scott Fogler receives AIChE and ASEE awards

He received his AIChE Van Antwerpen Award at the Honors Ceremony at the AIChE Annual Meeting on November 10, 2019.

image of Scott Fogler

H. Scott Fogler received AIChE’s Van Antwerpen Award for Service to the Institute this year. He is a AIChE Fellow and previously served a three-year term as an AIChE director before serving as president of the Institute in 2009. He accepted his award on November 10 at the Honors Ceremony at the 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting. In 1996, Fogler was recipient of the Warren K. Lewis award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for contributions to chemical engineering education.

He also received the 2019 Thomas and Donna Edgar CACHE Award for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education from ASEE ChED and CACHE. This award recognized his significant contributions in the development of computer aids for chemical engineering education.

In her letter nominating Fogler, Susan Montgomery, colleague and former student, said “his contribution is based on something much more important than technical savvy, it’s the vision of how technology can serve chemical engineering education. I have watched him for over 30 years pushing the envelope of technology to serve the needs of generations of chemical engineering students across the world and still marvel at the energy and passion he continues to have to serve his students.”

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