We are guided by a deep understanding of chemical engineering fundamentals combined with a drive to innovate and design new materials, tools and platforms.

Research Areas

image from Mark Burns research

Chemical engineers are essential to provide leadership in developing disruptive technology solutions for a better future. With our core focus on molecular transformation, and our rigor, depth, breadth and interdisciplinarity we are uniquely placed to integrate knowledge, methods, tools, and data across scientific and engineering disciplines to solve the complex, critical problems of our time. 


Michigan chemical engineers are developing lab-on-a-chip devices to do genetic analysis and biomolecule synthesis. We are improving drug delivery and medical imaging by studying how molecules move and distribute throughout the body.

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We are driven by the challenge: how to power the modern world without polluting it. We are leaders in taking a molecular-level approach to designing distributed, sustainable systems that solve energy and environmental problems on a global scale.

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We are leading a revolution in transformative material design, from atomically precise manufacturing to predictive, bio-mimicking, programmable nanomaterials. These materials, precisely designed and manufactured on demand, will impact life across the world and make the impossible, possible.

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