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Recruit Talent

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Looking for Engineers?

Looking for engineers with a high-quality education? We’re happy to help you connect. The Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) offers a variety of in-roads for employers ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Career Fairs

Come to our September or January career fairs to meet potential recruits in person. There are a number of other career fairs throughout the year. For example, if you represent a start-up company, the MPowered Career Fair is just for you!

Visit the ECRC website to learn more about career fairs

Hire Students

The ECRC can assist you in posting jobs through their Engineering Jobs by Simplicity system, then interview them on campus. In addition to summer internships, you can hire students for more extensive periods, such as an eight-month cooperative education position.

Advertise with Engineering Jobs through the ECRC

Learn more about our cooperative education program

More Opportunities

The ECRC can also help you increase your presence on campus through information sessions, company days, and other opportunities. Also learn how to sign up for mentoring opportunities to connect with students.

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