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The Rackham SUGS program was developed to promote greater enrollment of qualified College of Engineering students in the M.S.E. program by making it possible for students to pursue a five‐year combined B.S.E./M.S.E.

The student, in consultation with undergraduate and graduate advisors, develops a program that meets both the requirements for the master’s degree and those for the awarding of the bachelor’s degree. This program must be recorded on the SUGS Election Form in an attempt to avoid any difficulties before the student enrolls in the SUGS program. Any changes in course elections or substitutions of course requirements, should be approved by both advisors, and a new SUGS form should be sent to Rackham. Rackham Academic Records and Dissertations (OARD) reviews and approves the final copy of the SUGS Election Form.

Applicants submit the Rackham application, the application fee, required credentials and SUGS Election Form.


  • SUGS students do not dual register.
  • Students will enroll in Rackham for any term within 12 months of graduation with the approval of the program. In a few instances students may have up to 6 credits of the undergraduate program outstanding upon enrollment in Rackham in accordance with Rackham rules. The undergraduate degree can be awarded as soon as the degree requirements are met.
  • Must be registered for a minimum of 2 full (9 credit) terms, paying full tuition in Rackham only with no other U‐M registration.

Double-counting and Transfer of Credit

  • Each SUGS program will determine the number of credit hours of prior approved course work that can be double counted with the maximum being 9 credit hours (if 9 are being double counted, a maximum of 6 could be transferred).
  • Courses that count towards a Rackham degree are graduate level and taken Junior or Senior year. A maximum of 15 credit hours taken outside the Rackham career may be allowed. This includes credits that are double counted, transferred from the U‐M undergraduate program, transferred from outside of U‐M.
  • Required undergraduate courses will not be double counted, but courses elected to meet technical or free elective B.S.E. requirements may be double counted.

For more information and to obtain the SUGS Election Form, visit Rackham’s website, and the department’s undergraduate program section.

Chemical Engineering Notes and Application Timeline

The pre-application is optional. Submit the following pre‐application documents at the end of the junior year to Susan Hamlin in the ChE graduate program office:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose (1–2 pages, statement about your academic and research background, your career goals, and how Michigan’s graduate program will help you meet your career and educational objectives)

The ChE graduate admissions committee will evaluate your application early in the summer before the senior year for provisional admission. The official application should be submitted one year before the anticipated start date online at, using program code 01552.

Questions regarding the SUGS program in ChE may be directed to the ChE graduate program office, Susan Hamlin.