Why Michigan?

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A great place to prepare for your future

One of the world’s preeminent research institutions, the University of Michigan, is renown for its interdisciplinary approach to research, and its world-class faculty scientists and educators. The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan was founded in 1898 and is ranked in the top 10 in the National Research Council (NRC) report on graduate education. As a Michigan graduate, you will join an alumni network of over 6600 chemical engineers.


The University of Michigan is the #1 ranked U.S. public research university, spending a record $1.39 billion in fiscal 2016 (from the National Science Foundation Higher Education Research and Development Survey). In our department we offer a broad range of research opportunities that apply traditional chemical engineering principles and modern science to solve some of today’s most pressing problems.

Faculty Excellence

We have 27 tenured or tenure-tracked faculty and 7 affiliated faculty:

  • 3 are members of the National Academy of Engineering or the National Academy of Sciences
  • 12 have won National Science Foundation Career Awards
  • 24 have won University and College of Engineering awards for teaching, research, and service in the last decade
  • 12 have received AIChE Awards and 36 have received awards from other professional societies and organizations in the last decade
  • 18 are fellows of professional societies (including AIChE & ACS)

Focus on Students

Every PhD student is mentored individually by a research advisor who can help provide tailored opportunities for conference presentations, networking, publishing scholarly articles, learning how to teach, and grant writing. Students graduate from Michigan prepared to excel in their professional careers. Degree milestones, expectations, and responsibilities are shared with students during orientation, and again regularly each year as you progress toward your PhD.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

To encourage an active entrepreneur atmosphere for all students and faculty in the College of Engineering, the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) was established in 2008. The center provides active learning experiences to all students and faculty at Michigan through classes and programs that are designed to teach the skills needed to successfully translate high-potential projects and ideas into the world. Also see Innovate Blue.

Collaborative Opportunities

Not only is Michigan Engineering in the top ten but the University has top-ten business, medical and law schools.  Much of the research is being done at boundaries, between disciplines, and with 100 top-rated Michigan programs, students get to work with strong faculty and students from other departments to learn different points of views in research areas.

Smaller Town with Big City Offerings

Ann Arbor, or A2,  is a mid-sized, friendly town with big city sophistication; a world-class educational and high-tech research center in a peaceful rural setting, with a rich mix of cultures. The city offers a great choice of restaurants, live music venues and cultural activities than most towns ten times its size. Ann Arbor is simply a great place to live for young adults.