We believe chemical engineers have a critical role to play in driving human excellence and developing equitable engineering solutions to overcome society’s greatest and most complex challenges.

Rhonda Jack, ChE PhD Student, creates a cancer cell detection device in the NCRC on the North Campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI on January 20, 2017.

Mission, Vision and Values


Michigan Chemical Engineering seeks to serve the common good by getting us to “net zero” safely and sustainably; detecting, preventing and treating disease; and programming matter to make the impossible, possible.


Michigan Chemical Engineering seeks to drive human excellence by shaping the future of chemical engineering through groundbreaking research and by producing engineers whose empathy, insight, and knowledge enable them to translate ideas and discoveries into equitable engineering solutions.


Technology has never changed faster nor had more potential for a positive impact on our world than today. The implications of this rapid change and the opportunities it holds for chemical engineering solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges are enormous.

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Collegiality & Inclusion »

We actively nurture a collegial, inclusive and supporting environment of openness, encouragement, and respect among faculty, staff and students.

Risk-Taking & Creativity »

We encourage bold, creative and innovative research and educational initiatives with potentially transformative outcomes. We are not afraid to fail.

Discovery, Innovation & Impact »

We seek answers to fundamental scientific questions and solutions to important technological and societal problems.

Integrity »

Integrity and ethics are paramount in all we do: in our research and education programs, self-governance, and service to the university, the profession and society.

Diversity & Collaboration »

We value diversity among our students, faculty and staff along all dimensions, and actively encourage collaboration and the sharing of multifarious views.

Excellence »

We embrace the Michigan difference through our commitment to excellence.