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We offer a broad range of research opportunities at Michigan that apply traditional chemical engineering principles and modern science to solve some of today’s most pressing problems. For example, we are designing microfluidic devices to improve human health and provide renewable energy in remote locations. We are developing a better understanding of transport and reactions within and between cells so better drugs and better drug delivery vehicles can be designed.

We are using novel experimental methods and advanced scientific computing to understand nanoparticles, macromolecules, complex fluids and active surfaces. Understanding their behavior allows us to design new catalysts, polymers, electrodes and other materials. We are working on catalysts for converting biomass to liquid fuels, electrocatalysts for fuel cells and conducting fibers for clothing.

The University of Michigan is a premier public university with many top-rated programs. Interdisciplinary research and courses are common here, offering access to world-class scientists and educators.

We recognize that each student has different strengths, scholarly interests and career aspirations. Every PhD student is mentored by a research advisor who can help provide tailored opportunities for conference presentations, networking, publishing scholarly articles, learning how to teach and grant writing. Students graduate from Michigan prepared to excel in their professional careers. Degree milestones, expectations and responsibilities are shared with students during orientation and again regularly each year as students progress toward the PhD.

Our students have full access to the University’s rich infrastructure and culture. In addition, we are situated in Ann Arbor, a town that combines a cosmopolitan cultural life with the sensible cost of living of the Midwest.

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