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Chemical Engineering Graduate Program in the U.S. News & World Report Ranking


Public University by QS World University Rankings (2023)


Michigan Engineering ranked 7th Best Engineering School by U.S. News & World Report (2023-2024)

Orange, purple, blue and beige bowties captured in a colorized electron microscope. They look almost thread-like.


We are guided by a deep understanding of chemical engineering fundamentals combined with a drive to innovate and design new materials, tools and platforms for a better future. 

Research and academics at Michigan Chemical Engineering are interdisciplinary, giving students the opportunity to collaborate with distinguished faculty and students from other top-ranked Michigan programs including the business, medical and law schools.

Opportunities to collaborate extend beyond campus. Our faculty and students regularly collaborate with industry leaders to translate fundamental advances discovered in the lab into solutions that can benefit society at scale.


Gain expertise in data science, technology policy or computational neuroscience. Leverage Michigan’s excellence across fields to hone a specialized skill set that complements your regular degree program. Graduate certificate programs allow students to design courses of study that integrate multiple fields of interest.


To encourage an active entrepreneur atmosphere for all students and faculty in the College of Engineering, the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) was established in 2008. The center provides active learning experiences to all students and faculty at Michigan through classes and programs that are designed to teach the skills needed to successfully translate high-potential projects and ideas into the world.


Every PhD student is mentored individually by a research advisor who can help provide tailored opportunities for conference presentations, networking, publishing scholarly articles, learning how to teach, and grant writing.

Students graduate from Michigan prepared to excel in their professional careers. Degree milestones, expectations, and responsibilities are shared with students during orientation, and again regularly each year as you progress toward your PhD.

Xiwen Gong discusses women in STEM with panel of students.


Our faculty excel in multiple research fields, from developing ground breaking materials, meeting climate friendly energy needs, and treating previously intractable diseases. As part of our matching process, you’ll hear from leaders in all these fields to help you select the research project that will be your focus as a graduate student.