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Our world is facing big problems, from energy, to healthcare, to the environment. Chemical Engineers at the University of Michigan are ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.

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Research Areas

If chemistry is the central science, it comes as no surprise that chemical engineering underpins a broad range of technologies. We turn our expertise in producing and manipulating chemicals to energy, medicine, electronics and advanced materials with new properties.

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Graduate Program

Our broad range of research opportunities apply chemical engineering principles and modern science to solving some of today's most pressing problems.

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Undergraduate Program

The program focuses on critical-thinking, preparing our graduates to identify and develop solutions for engineering challenges in the field. Students with a passion for chemistry and talent in math and problem solving typically do well in chemical engineering.

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There are many ways for ChE alumni to support the department and the students.

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Recent Publications

See why Michigan ChE is one of the top cited chemical engineering departments.

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Invited Lectures

Nick Kotov will present a lecture at the Materials Research Society in Boston, MA, on November 28.

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