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Mark A. Burns

T.C. Chang Professor of Engineering


[email protected]

(734) 764-4787


2045W2800 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

Primary Website

Burns Lab


University of Pennsylvania
PhD Chemical and Biochemical Engineering ’86
MS Chemical and Biochemical Engineering ’83

University of Notre Dame
BS Chemical Engineering ’81

Research Interests

Microfabricated Reaction/Separation Systems. Many chemical analysis systems require extensive measuring, mixing and separation/detection operations before data can be collected. Some of these tests, such as hospital tests for bacterial infections, would greatly benefit by an increased processing speed; all would benefit by a decrease in labor and materials costs. In recent years, a number of companies have integrated all the required steps for a particular test into a simple format (home pregnancy kits are a good example). Most of these formats, though, are far from robust and can usually only handle “yes/no” results.

About the Burns Research Group

The Burns Research Group is constructing miniaturized chemical analysis systems using silicon fabrication techniques. The devices consist of micron-scale reaction, separation, and detection systems connected by a series of micromachined channels. Samples are injected into these devices and then moved between components by a variety of techniques including surface tension control and hydrophobic/hydrophilic patches. Reaction chambers in these devices can be used for selective amplification or digestion of reactants. The products of these reactions can then be analyzed using separation techniques such as simple gel electrophoresis. Integration of all these steps produces a micron-scale device that can act as an intelligent sensor. Currently, the main focus is the analysis and sequencing of DNA although the techniques used can be applied to a variety of chemical analysis systems.


Professional Experience

University of Michigan
Chemical Engineering Department
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Anthony C. Lembke Department Chair of Chemical Engineering, 2016 – 2017
Director of MCubed, 2014 – present
T.C. Chang Professor of Engineering, 2012
Chair, 2008-2017
Professor, 2002-present
Associate Professor, 1996-2002
Assistant Professor, 1990-1996

Becton Dickinson Research Center
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Department of Molecular Biology

Visiting Research Scientist, 1996 – 1997

North Carolina State University
Department of Chemical Engineering
Raleigh, North Carolina

Visiting Associate Professor, 1996-1997

University of Massachusetts
Department of Chemical Engineering
Amherst, Massachusetts

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1986 – 1989

Courses Taught

Undergraduate ChE Courses

ChE 341 Fluid Mechanics
ChE 343, Separation Processes
ChE 360, Chemical Eng. Lab
ChE 487, Chemical Process Design
ChE 496, Product Design and Development

Graduate Courses

ChE 517, Biochemical Engineering
ChE 518, Engineering Fundamentals in Biological Systems
ChE 542, Intermediate Transport Phenomena
ChE 617, Biochemical Tech. II
ChE 696, Special Topics

Other Courses

CBTP 504, Cellular Biotechnology


Fellow, 2018
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AIChE Food Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Award, 2016
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Fellow, 2013
National Academy of Inventors

College of Engineering Research Excellence Award, 2004
University of Michigan

College of Engineering Team Excellence Award (with David Burke and Carlos Mastrangelo), 1998
University of Michigan

Department of Chemical Engineering Outstanding Achievement Award, 2000
University of Michigan

Appointed to the Genome Study Section, 2000
National Institutes of Health

College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, 2001
University of Michigan

Fellow, 2002
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering


Recent Publications

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