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SUGS Programs for Chemical Engineering Students

Updated August 2023

The following Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate (SUGS) programs are available for chemical engineering students interested in pursuing joint BSE and MSE or MEng degrees. They typically take one extra year beyond the BSE to complete, assuming that one semester’s worth of graduate coursework is completed during the BSE.

For more information on individual programs visit the ChE undergraduate office at 3146 Dow or contact the corresponding advisor in the master’s program.

SUGS Program with MSE Biomedical Engineering

Tara McQueen, 2182 LBME Bldg., (734) 763-3878, [email protected]

3.2 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with MSE Chemical Engineering

Susan Hamlin, NCRC Bldg 28–G040S, (734) 763-1148, [email protected].

3.5 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with M. Eng. Energy System Engineering

Ronda Hamilton, 2230 SI-North 2nd Floor, (734) 764-7188, [email protected]

3.2 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with MSE Environmental Engineering

Lisabeth Bylina, 2166 GG Brown, bylina@acabadas

3.5 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with MSE Industrial and Operation Engineering

Prof. Marina Epelman, 1809 IOE, (734) 763-2189, [email protected]

3.5 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with M. Eng. Manufacturing

Ms. Kathy Bishar, 2006 SI North Bldg, (734) 764-3312, [email protected]

3.2 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with MSE Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Prof. Jinsang Kim, 133N, Building 26 NCRC, (734) 936-4681, [email protected]

3.5 GPA required to apply

SUGS Program with MSE Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Liang Qi, 2158A HH Dow, (734) 615-8086, [email protected]

3.5 GPA required to apply

How SUGS Works

SUGS allows students to apply credits taken as an undergraduate to one of the listed master’s programs.

Up to 15 TOTAL credits from the student’s undergraduate study can be applied towards the master’s program:

  • You must complete at least 128 UG credits + 30 Masters credits – double-counted credits (6-9, depending on program).
  • Any credits applied to the master’s program must be eligible for graduate credit and must be courses in which you received a grade of B or higher.
  • Each master’s program may have additional restrictions, so please see the individual program information.

How Applying Credits Works

  • Credits are applied by either double-counting or transferring credits. Any double-counted or transfer credits must be approved by your undergraduate advisor and your master’s program graduate coordinator.
  • No more than 15 TOTAL credits from your undergraduate study can be applied to your master’s degree.
  • Double-counted credit:
    • Up to 9 of the 15 credits can be double-counted – See masters programs for additional restrictions.
    • Credits from required undergraduate classes cannot be double-counted; only credits from courses that meet technical or general elective requirements are eligible.
  • Transfer credits from your undergraduate coursework:
    • Only credits that are not applied to your undergraduate degree are eligible, so credits beyond the 128 credits required by the program.
  • Transfer credits from graduate courses taken outside of U-M:
    • Up to 6 of the 15 credits may be transferred from non-U-M courses.
    • Only credits that did not count towards a degree are eligible.
  • A minimum of two terms of graduate enrollment in the master’s program only is required. The first term of graduate enrollment could include up to the last 6 credits of your BSE.

Eligibility to apply for the SUGS program

  • Meet the minimum GPA for the master’s program.
  • Dual-degree students, who are completing two bachelor’s degrees, are not eligible.

Next Steps

  • By the second semester of your junior year, schedule preliminary meetings with Lisa Clark, ChE UG Advisor, and the master’s program graduate coordinator.
  • Complete a draft of the SUGS election form with your graduate coordinator.
  • In the first semester of your senior year apply to the master’s program.
  • You are not required to take the GRE.
  • If admitted, enroll once your BSE degree is completed or within 6 credits of completion.