Biology/Life Science

Updated June 2022

The courses listed below fulfill the Biology / Life Science elective requirement:

BIOLOGY 172: Introductory Biology – Molecular, Cellular and Developmental

4 Credits

Prerequisites: Prior or concurrent enrollment in Chem 130

BIOLOGY 174: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology

4 Credits

Prerequisites: Prior or concurrent enrollment in Chem 130

BIOLOGY 195 (AP): Introduction to Biology

5 Credits

Not an actual class, placeholder for AP credit

Only students who have Biology 100 AP credit can fulfill the biology / life science requirement using the courses listed below:

BIOLCHEM 415 + BIO 100 AP CREDIT: Intro. Biochemistry

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Two terms of organic chem. No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in MCDB 310 or 311, CHEM 451, BIOLCHEM 451

CEE 482 + BIO 100 AP CREDIT: Environmental Microbiology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: CHEM 130. No previous biology experience expected.

ChE 574 + BIO 100 AP CREDIT: Engineering Principles in Drug Delivery and Targeting

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Senior or graduate standing

ChE 584 (BioMedE 584) (BioMat 584) + BIO 100 AP CREDIT: Principles and Predictions of Drug Distribution: From Small Molecules to Biologics and Nanoparticles

3 Credits

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

MICROBIOL 440 + BIO 100 AP CREDIT: Human Immunology

3 Credits

Prerequisites: None

Fulfilling the biology / life science requirement at another school:

To check whether a course at another school has already been approved as a transfer equivalent to Biology 172 or Biol 174, check the college’s transfer database.

If you do not find an equivalent, please refer to the Guidelines for Transfer Credit Approval webpage. As described under ****For evaluation requests within BIOLOGY, EEB, OR MCDB”, students will need to work directly with the Biology Department to have a course evaluated and approved as a match for Biology 172 or Biol 174.

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