Kevin DaJuan Lewis Jr.

image of Kevin Lewis

Principal Chemical Engineer


University of Michigan, BSE Chemical Engineering, 2012
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Exam Michigan, 2015
Licensed Professional Chemical Engineer Minnesota, 2017
CPI- Certified Professional Innovator, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Career Summary

After graduating in 2012, I started working for A123Systems in Romulus, MI as a Research and Development Process Engineer, making lithium ion batteries. My role was to help develop the mixing, milling, spray drying, and firing process for the next generation of lithium iron phosphate powder and to run the pilot manufacturing lab. I then moved on to Henkel in Warren, MI as a Corporate Process Engineer, where I was part of a small team of engineers that travelled to help plants with process design work for new equipment installation and for safety improvements.

In 2016, I moved to Minnesota to help a friend with his church and I worked at Tapemark where I was a Research and Development Process Engineer. I worked with pharmaceutical companies to scale up manufacturing processes for thin-film drug patches in order to provide samples for FDA submission. In 2017, I began my current role at Ecolab in Eagan, MN as a Chemical Engineer. Here, I develop processes for new and existing cleaning and water treatment chemicals for industrial customers. More recently, I began a role within Ecolab that is focused on process engineering innovation that is focused more on the next generation methods of manufacturing our products.

Career Timeline


What excites you about your career?

What keeps me excited about my career are the opportunities to learn new chemical processes in different industries and I love knowing that the things I am working on every day are out in the world making a difference in people’s lives. I also like the opportunity that my career has given me to affect change in the lives of others through volunteering and supporting our local community in various ways.

Time Spent at U-M

My time spent at U-M was largely successful due to the M-STEM summer program I was a part of before starting school. I was able to make many friends in the program which provided a great support network throughout my time at college.

I enjoyed leading the B-FAM multi-cultural council as President, which provided a means for me and other students to attend the inauguration of President Obama in Washington, D.C.

Advice to Students
Join as many different groups and organizations in school as you can to help expand your network. Your network will help you later and allow you to be of help to others as well.