image of Saadet Albayrak-Guralp

Saadet Albayrak-Guralp




Chemical Engineering

3126 H.H. Dow 
2300 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2136


University of Michigan
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011
Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
BSE, Bioengineering, 2005


Courses Taught

Undergraduate ChE Courses
CHE 460 Senior Laboratory

Undergraduate Engineering Courses
ENGR 100-Section 350: Engineering Biological Systems


Seneesrisakul, K., Albayrak-Guralp, S., Gulari, E., and Sumaeth, C. Escherichia coli expressing endoglucanase gene from Thai higher termite bacteria for enzymatic and microbial hydrolysis of cellulosic materials. Elec.Journal of Biotechnology. 27:70-79. 2017.

Guralp S.A. Gubbuk, I.H., Kucukkolbasi, S. Gulari E. Universal cell capture by immobilized antimicrobial peptide plantaricin. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 101.18-22. 2015.

Banka A.L.*, Guralp S.A.*, Gulari E. Secretory expression and characterization of two hemicellulases, xylanase and Beta-xylosidase, from Bacillus subtilis M015. Appl Biochem Biotech. 174:2702-2710. 2014 *co-first authorship.

Guralp S.A, Murgha YE, Rouillard J-M, Gulari E. From design to screening: A new antimicrobial peptide discovery pipeline. PLoS One. 8(3): e59305. 2013.