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Jennifer Linderman: A legacy of leadership, scholarship and equity

Jennifer Linderman, the Pamela Raymond Collegiate Professor of Engineering at the University of Michigan, has retired after a career marked by transformative research, leadership, and dedication to diversity and inclusion. Linderman’s career from a young researcher to a distinguished professor spans over three decades, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation and equity. “Jennifer has […]

New funding supports carbon dioxide conversion research

Working towards combating climate change, the project focuses on developing an innovative hybrid nano-catalyst to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into methanol.

New reactor could save millions when making ingredients for plastics and rubber from natural gas

With oil production dropping, a process using natural gas is needed to avert a shortage of a workhorse chemical used for automotive parts, cleaning products and more.

Targeting multiple COVID variants through the twist in the spike protein

Particles that gum up the keys that the virus uses to enter cells could one day be an effective COVID treatment whenever vaccines and other treatments fall short

A simple, scalable method using light to 3D print helical nanostructures

New process can accelerate the production of complex materials needed to advance photonics technologies

A simple and robust experimental process for protein engineering

Easily interpretable technique can reduce the cost and increase the scale of protein optimization for applications in medicine, biofuels and more.

David Kitto honored as a North American Membrane Society Student Fellow

The award, presented annually by NAMS, acknowledges outstanding contributions to membrane science and technology by graduate students across North America.

photo of microgel synthesis

ACS funding helps advance reconfigurable electrocatalysis

Harnessing electromagnetic stimuli, the project aims to manipulate materials for reactions, sensing and structural assembly innovations.

Photo of an ice lab

Beating the freeze: Up to $11.5M for eco-friendly control over ice and snow

Taking a page from nature’s book could allow humans to mitigate subzero temperatures without harming the environment.

Both scientists are wearing white lab coats, latex gloves, and safety glasses while standing in a lab. Jolly is handing a glass tube filled with crimson blood to Nagrath.

Is lung cancer treatment working? This chip can tell from a blood draw

By trapping and concentrating tiny numbers of cancer cells from blood samples, the device can identify whether a treatment is effective at the four-week mark.

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