DEI Library

Below is a collection of literature, videos, and podcasts pertaining to core DEI issues. Although many of these resources address DEI specifically in the higher education landscape, others speak more generally to DEI issues in a global context. Topics include solidarity, allyship, and antiracism. 
Resources were selected based on personal recommendations from the committee’s members as well as those of the previous committee. The library will be periodically updated with new resources as the committee discovers relevant, engaging resources. If you are seeking information on a topic not found here, please contact Isabel Enad at [email protected].




The Solidarity is This Podcast 

“The Solidarity Is This Podcast explores the principles of transformative solidarity and provides examples of what solidarity looks like in action.In each episode, you’ll hear from activists, artists, faith leaders, and organizers throughout our social change ecosystem who are working for equity, justice, and liberation. Providing a glimpse into the many faces of transformative solidarity, we hope this podcast will give you inspiration, ideas, and support for your own journey with solidarity practice”

Intersectionality Matters! African American Policy Forum

 “Hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a lawyer, civil rights activist, and law professor who developed the theory of “intersectionality,” Intersectionality Matters! is an incisive and deeply informative podcast that centers on the experiences of Black women.”

Real Talk 

“The Real Talk podcast was born from the shared motivation to spark authentic and vulnerable conversations to address higher education’s role in social justice and antiracism. Our host, Dr. KC Councilor, is joined by a diverse set of guests to discuss current events, student activism, allyship, and so much more.”