The annual University of Michigan Chemical Engineering Graduate Symposium brings together graduate students, faculty, and industry representatives to discuss the innovative research conducted by our department.

The symposium showcases student research on clean energy technologies, novel materials development, materials chemistry and bioengineering through oral and poster presentations. This event also includes a keynote presentation, luncheon and reception.

The symposium offers numerous avenues for networking with students and professors, providing an excellent platform for exchange of ideas. Sponsors are encouraged to participate in various marketing opportunities in the form of booths and presentations based on the sponsorship tier. The symposium delivers a closer look at cutting-edge research in chemical engineering through discussions with faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

If you are interested in sponsoring this annual event (either as an individual or an organization), visit the Sponsors page or contact us. Sponsors receive benefits such as brand promotion, a resume booklet, a dedicated advertising/outreach time slot, and other advantages.

For more information about the graduate symposium, please email us at [email protected] or click the Contact Us button below.

Organized by the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Society